空分操作员 5k~6k

学历不限 三年以上 陕西-西安市

更新时间: 2021-12-30

外商独资 1000人以上


招聘日期: 2021-06-29 ~ 2022-01-01


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This position is a rotating shift responsible for the day-to-day operation of Xi’an plant. Will require working on shifts per shift roster established base on the production plan and at times responding during off-hours is always “on call.”. The Process Technician reports directly to the site operation manager. Minimal travels expected but may be require to travel to other sites for trainings and related activities.

This position will control & regulate plant to ensure safety, quality and production capability. Also responsible for analyzer calibrations and loading / filling activities. Note: The plant of Xi’an include onsite and offsite, X1 & X2.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES主要职责Responsible for daily operation of site facilities consisting of gas generation units, distribution and loading systems. Ensure safety, meeting quality specifications, optimized efficiency and reliability. Understand all relevant operating procedures. Be trained and competent in plant processes and can operate units, including startups and shutdowns. The operation units include ASU/TN, Liquefier L400, PHG, CDA, He, CO2, BSGS (bulk specialty gases systems,include (N2O,NF3,SiH4,NH3, CF4), QMAC/CQC/GC system and other electronics gas, electronics purifiers, etc.负责对每班次的现场制气设备单元、输送和充装系统进行操作运行管理。确保安全,产品符合品质指标要求,优化运行效率和可靠性。掌握所有相关的操作程序。通过培训考核并能够胜任工厂生产单元的运行操作,包括启动和停机。西安工厂的生产单元包括ASU/TN, 液化系统L400,PHG, CDA, 氦气,二氧化碳, BSGS(大宗特气系统,包括N2O,NF3,SiH4,NH3,CF4),QMAC/CQC/GC系统和其他电子气,电子气纯化器,大宗工业气工厂,等等。Abide to all AP policies and regulations especially in EH&S and HR. Responsible for safety, perform and participate in all site safety programs and activities. Clearly understand and aware of potential hazards and relevant emergency procedures. Fully follow customer’s onsite working requirement.遵守所有AP的政策和规章制度,尤其是在环境健康安全政策和HR政策方面。对安全负责,执行并参与现场所有的安全程序和活动。清楚的理解、辨识潜在的风险和掌握相应的应急响应程序。完全遵守onsite 客户现场的工作要求。Prepare and maintain the system of quality operations related records. Ensure the accuracy,timeliness and effectiveness of the data.完成并维护质量相关操作的记录体系。确保数据的准确性、及时性和有效性。Prepare the documents / records for Safety system & ISO9001 system in daily operation data collection, maintain the data in correct and timely.完成日常操作中的关于安全系统和ISO9001系统需要的文件和记录的数据收集,及时的维护数据库中数据准确性。Perform inspections, calibrations and other assigned preventive maintenance tasks of plant in a safe and effective manner.通过安全和有效的方法,执行工厂的检查、校验和分配的预防性维护任务。Perform gas and liquid filling / loading activities in a safe manner.通过安全的方式执行气体和液体的充装以及卸货操作任务。Work on shifts and be contactable if case of emergencies.倒班工作方式并确保在业余时间工厂有紧急情况发生时可以联系到。Work closely and communicate effectively with customers, colleagues and support resources.能够和客户、同事、相关支持团队保持密切合作并进行有效的沟通。Identify issues early and take active actions, including escalation to supervisor / engineers / support resources for prompt resolutions.能够及早的辨识发现问题并采取积极的行动,包括汇报给主管、工程师、支持团队来获得立即有效的解决方案。Attend all required training and obtain required certifications and qualifications of internal or external.参加所有的培训并获得要求的资格证书和能力认证。Can take all of Operator Level 1 required skills.能够掌握工厂Level1级操作员所需的技能。Be in charge of provide training to level 2/3/4 operators负责提供培训给Level 2、3、4级操作员。Know clearly site potential hazards and emergency procedures.清楚掌握现场潜在危害和应急程序。Gain SWP issuing qualification and strictly implement SWP standards。获得安全工作许可证签发权限,严格执行安全工作许可证制度。Perform and complete any other tasks assigned by operation manager timely and safely.安全并且迅速的完成任何其他由操作经理分配的任务。

JOB REQUIREMENTS 工作需要Job Incumbent is expected to have College or above with a major in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrics, Control or related disciplines background. At least 2 years’ experience in Chemical Industrial Company.此职位需要具备大专或大专以上的化工工程类、机械工程类、电气工程类、仪控工程类或者相关学科背景,至少2年相关化工行业工作经验。Good knowledge in safety. Honest, hardworking, willing to make efforts for self-actualization. Being suited to work in shifts. Good team player and proactive, energetic, aggressive to learn.良好的安全知识,诚实、工作努力、乐于通过自学提升自身能力。能够适应倒班工作。良好的团队合作者,积极的主动的学习。Positive working attitude, and strong hands on experience with equipment operation.工作积极, 且具体较强动手实操能力。Adapt to outdoor work适应室外工作Basic office software with word/excel/PPT.熟悉基本办公软件Honest, able to work independently, be respectful为人诚实,能独立工作,尊重他人Upholds the highest ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest坚守最高的道德标准,避免利益冲突。Consistently prioritizes safety in words and actions to protect self, others, and the environment始终将安全放在言语和行动上,以保护自己、他人和环境Drives toward the goal of being the best in the industry in all aspects of their work.朝着成为行业中所有方面最佳的目标前进Takes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of ownership, energy and urgency具备一种主人翁意识、有活力和紧迫感。接受全新的机遇和挑战。Approaches work—individually and in teams—with optimism and a solutions oriented mindset具有积极乐观解决问题的心态,良好的团队合作精神。Continually searches for ways to meet or exceed expectations in a way that creates value that customers are willing to pay for不断地寻找满足或超越期望的方式,从而创造出客户愿意为之付出的价值。Focuses on implementation once a decision has been made一旦做出决定,关注在具体实施上。Learns continuously; extracts learnings from experiences; readily receives and accepts feedback and coaching; takes action to continuously improve持续学习;总结经验;乐于接受反馈和辅导;采取行动持续改进Helps others do their best work through sharing knowledge and expertise; providing feedback, mentoring, and recognition; proactively addresses unconscious bias分享知识及经验帮助他人达成工作最佳;没有偏见的主动提供反馈、指导和认可Champions new ideas and initiatives; expresses viewpoints and supports others who do the same and challenges the status quo拥护新理念和新举措;表达观点,支持他人做同样的事情并且挑战现状。Resolves difficult issues in a timely, transparent, and professional manner及时、透明、专业地解决难题。